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What To Think About When Building A Patio - Kennedys Cranbourne Garden Supplies

What To Think About When Building A Patio

Have you decided it’s time to give your backyard an upgrade and have settled on creating a patio? Now comes the choice of pavers and surrounds, so how do you pick the right pavers to match your home and style, while also creating a patio that you and your family can enjoy all year round? Let’s take a look.

It’s important to think about what purpose your patio paving will serve. Is it to be a border around a pond if so you’ll want to look for some non-slip pavers to keep your family and other guests safe when standing on it. Consulting your local garden supplier such as Kennedy’s can help you in making the best decision style wise and safety wise when it comes to paving your patio area and its surrounds.

Patios very rarely carry much weight on them all at once, so pavers don’t need to be very thick, therefore giving you more options to choose from for your patio. When it comes to weather, you want to be able to see your patio drain quick and not let water pool on the pavers, so a proper drainage system or way to get rid of the water is a must when building your patio.

A solid base before your construction work is also necessary. This stops the patio from moving when it’s built and any erosion to not cause cracks or damage to the pavers in the long term. When laying this base, remember to think about what might grow through it, so a layer of landscaping cloth might be another thing you consider to stop those pesky weeds from showing themselves through in the future.

Once you’ve installed your patio plans into place, the extra items you want to include, need to be considered, such as a feature wall, plant wall or a fireplace. Making sure you factor these into your plans is key, as some might need extra safety features or a thicker base to hold the weight that will be on top of it, such as a feature wall.

These are some areas you need to think about before starting your patio. It’s a great DIY job, however first getting some expert knowledge will give you that added confidence to construct and maintain your patio throughout the future.

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