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The best time of year to put a landscaper to work on your property - Kennedys Cranbourne Garden Supplies

The best time of year to put a landscaper to work on your property

So you’ve decided you’re ready to hire a landscaper. You might be looking for a complete overhaul of your garden or general maintenance. When is the best time of year to hire a landscaper? Picking the right time will ensure you get the maximum benefit from your trade.


Winter is the best time of year to hire a landscaper. Many people put off work until Spring or Autumn, so the number one benefit of putting a landscaper to work on your property in winter is their availability will be high.

There is surprisingly a lot of work that still needs to be done in a garden during winter. As well as landscaping, a landscaper can trim back trees and shrubs, remove dead plants, check your watering system and plant bulbs that will sprout in Spring.

Winter weeds can be kept at bay by a landscaper.

In many other countries, lawn maintenance is not required during the winter months, but here in Australia, your lawn must be maintained in the colder seasons. During winter, your lawn will need to be aerated and fertilized. The friendly team from Kennedy’s Garden Supplies can help your landscaper with all the necessary materials.


During spring, you may find it challenging to hire a landscaper. Spring is the time of year most homeowners decide to landscape or tidy up their gardens. Another benefit of hiring a landscaper in winter is that you’re already a loyal customer by the time the warmer months arrive. If you are going to hire a landscaper during spring, try and do so early in the season.


Like spring, summer is also a busy time for landscapers. People want their gardens tidied before Christmas so availability may be limited. Australian lawns will need to be mowed more frequently during summer, and this is the time of year many homeowners discover problems with their watering systems.


As the weather cools homeowners often contact their landscaper for a quick tidy up before winter. Autumn is also the time of year where trees and shrubs need to be trimmed, and lawns need to be prepared for winter. A landscaper will often be very busy in early autumn but may have more availability later in the season.

In our opinion, the colder months of late autumn, winter and early spring are when you will receive the maximum benefit out of your landscaper. It is during this time that they are less busy and will have more time to spend nurturing your garden.

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