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How to Spend more time in Nature while staying at home - Kennedys Cranbourne Garden Supplies

How to Spend more time in Nature while staying at home

As we are spending more time at home indoors, its never been more important to connect with nature.

There are many ways to connect with nature both inside our home and in our garden.

Health benefits of nature

Improved sleep & relaxation therefore lowering stress levels and improved immunity are common benefits of spending time in nature.

Here are a few simple ideas to increasing your exposure to nature and making the most of time at home.

outdoor yoga in nature

Outdoor workouts

Activities such as  yoga, meditation and simple stretching can be done outside on the lush green lawn.  

With so many gyms closed, outdoors is great place to continue the activities.

Finding green spaces with fresh air can benefit the mind, body and soul.

outdoor yoga in nature


Planting vegetable gardens have become very popular throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Weather your potting up indoor plants, or planting a tree, getting your hands in the earth, gardening can be a satisfying activity

For many people gardening is a relaxing pastime. It can soothe away stress built up over the day.

Decorating a patio

Prepare your patio with relaxing chairs, BBQ and potted plants. Create an outdoor retreat to bask on warm sunny days.

A tropical atmosphere can be created with large leafed plants in pots, relaxing day beds or chairs and even a hammock if there is room.

A thoughtfully decorated outdoor space can give you that resort style feel which calms the senses. Step outside into this space and enjoy anytime at home.


When ever your on the grass, slip off your shoes and feel the cool grass and the earths natural energy underneath your bare feet. The simple act of Earthing, helps us lower our stress levels, improve sleep. 

themed garden surrounded by nature

Design a themed garden

Weather it be an Australian native garden to encourage birds, a tropical garden or a drought tolerant garden, choose a design that would encourage you out to spend time in. 

As we are spending more time at home and traveling less, your preferred resort styled garden in which you would enjoy spending your stay-cation to relax and unwind.

Indoor Plants

If outdoor space is limited, bring the benefits of the garden indoors. There are so many choices of beautiful and hardy indoor plants. The benefits of fresher air, a soothing environment, and beautifying the decor, indoor plants have some serious health benefits for us.

A well designed garden ensures we get the physical and emotional benefits from nature.


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