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Considerations For Adding A Water Feature To Your Garden - Kennedys Cranbourne Garden Supplies

Considerations For Adding A Water Feature To Your Garden

A water feature can transform your garden into a tranquil oasis by masking street noise and providing a quiet, contemplative space for you to relax during your free time. A water feature can be small or large and range from a quiet little corner to the main focal point of your garden. Here are some considerations when choosing a water feature.


In the Australian climate, it is a must that your water feature uses recycled water. Most water features come with a solar pump which will recirculate water through the feature.

And speaking of water – before adding a water feature, think about what kind of sound you want to have in your garden. Too much water and it might not be as relaxing as you’d like.


Everyone is busy these days, and you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining a water feature. Look for a feature that requires little to no maintenance.


Think about the location. Are there any trees or plants nearby that will mean the feature will require more maintenance. Sometimes it’s easier to nestle a water feature in a quiet corner than have it as the focal point of the garden and if you have small children consider a feature with no exposed water.

What kind of water feature will suit your garden?


A birdbath is probably the easiest water feature to put in your garden and the most versatile. They come in all shapes and sizes, are require very little maintenance, and you’ll attract plenty of wildlife to your garden.


A pond will require a little more planning than a birdbath but not too much more maintenance. Like a birdbath, ponds come in varying shapes, sizes and depths. Check with your local council for any fencing requirements.

There is a vast range of solar pond pumps available to keep your pond thriving, and you can introduce various plants such as Water Lillies or Australian Native Violets.


A recirculating fountain can be a straightforward water feature to create. The most popular would have to be a bubbling vase. A recirculating fountain is often the most economical.

Pondless water feature

A pondless water feature is excellent for homeowners who enjoy the sound of running water without the maintenance of a pond, see their price list. It’s also great for those with kids as there is no exposed water.

Adding a water feature to your backyard doesn’t have to be an expensive or over the top exercise. As always, the friendly team at Kennedy’s Garden Supplies can help you select the best equipment and plants for your new water feature.

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