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With 5 acres of landscaping products, Kennedy’s Cranbourne caters extensively to the local community and trades alike assisting landscapers, builders and other tradespeople in the urban growth boundaries of surrounding suburbs of Cranbourne and Clyde North.

Exploring the Difference Between Screened Top Soil and Super Blend Top Soil

Introduction: When it comes to gardening and landscaping, the quality of your topsoil plays a crucial role in

Garden decor to enhance your outdoor space

At Kennedys Cranbourne landscape garden centre, you will find a diverse range of outdoor décor in water bowls,

Why use Mulch and which is the best mulch to use

What is Mulch Mulch is an essential component for maintaining a healthy garden. It is a layer of

Backyard Landscaping Ideas for your Garden

Backyard Landscaping Backyard landscaping is an excellent way to transform your outdoor space into something beautiful that reflects

The Benefits of Composting in Autumn

Composting is an age-old method of recycling organic materials such as leaves, kitchen scraps, and yard trimmings into

Get Ready for a Delicious Harvest – The Top Fruit and Veg to Grow During Autumn in Australia

Autumn begins on the 21st of March in Australia, and continues until May. Knowing which plants are best